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using innovative technology to create innovative advantages for our clients.
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T&L Printing Co., LLC was formed in 1969 by Al and Nancy Thompson in their garage.  since then T&L has grown into much more than a printing company.  today we offer innovative services and products that help our clients in a multitude of ways.  we have become a marketing partner to most of our clients and strive to help them each and every day.  

what does your printing service provider do for your business?  if you answered ‘printing’ you are simply with the wrong company.  our clients enjoy first class printing along with so many other services all from one supplier.  by acquiring all of these services from one supplier you guarantee the ‘branding’ and instant recognition your business needs to stand out in today’s competitive market.

why do companies as far away as Hawaii, Washington State, Virginia, and even Mexico call us? simple...we help our clients succeed.  call us today and you will instantly feel the difference.

We currently provide our clients the following services:
 - offset and digital printing
- large format and variable data printing
- embroidered and screen printed apparel
- screen printed and digitally printed signage
- graphic design and marketing consultation
- promotional products
- business card notepads
- decks of custom playing cards
- custom labeled bottled water
- fundraising through our coupon program
- school yearbooks, directories, and spirit line apparel

We have many diverse clients in industries such as:
- information technologies / software manufacturers
- churches / schools / PTO & PTA groups
- government (city, state, & federal)
- construction / contractors
- retailers / distributors
- medical / dental
- manufacturing